Who We Are

Legal Clinics Network

An Iraqi non-profit organization consisting of 31 local civil society organizations, registered in the NGO Department with the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers No. 1H76686 and dated 01/22/2014, and it includes the organizational and administrative structure of the network: an executive office (based in Baghdad) , A board of directors elected by the administrative committee of the Legal Clinics Network, an advisory board for international and Iraqi experts, and four technical committees that manage the various activities of the network (referrals, advocacy, best practices and sustainability) and are implemented jointly by the organizations that make up the network through fixed and mobile legal clinics in 15 An Iraqi governorate in addition to the Kurdistan region.
The Legal Clinics network seeks to provide legal assistance to vulnerable and marginalized groups in Iraqi society (consultations and legal issues) and access to best practices in providing this service and support for legal culture and its dissemination in society through legal awareness workshops and preparing brochures, studies and various publications and providing legal programs through broadcasts Local and through various social media and the adoption of advocacy campaigns to reach the legal rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups to improve Iraqi policies and laws and contribute to training lawyers and law school students and building the capacities of cadres working in the field of legal aid.
The Legal Clinics Network has been implementing, since 2015 and in partnership with the UNHCR, a project to reach internally displaced people, returnees, refugees and asylum seekers to the Iraqi legal system and provide them with legal aid and inform them of their rights in accordance with Iraqi laws and relevant international laws and enable them to access them and increase the efficiency of community partners Civil in the governorates: Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Babil, Kut, Diyala, Anbar, Salah al-Din and Mosul, and also the administration of four community support offices in partnership with the High Commissioner for Refugees in (Baghdad - Karbala - Diyala - and the Office of the Southern Governorates "Basra - Dhi Qar - Maysan - Al-Muthanna - Al-Diwaniyah "), which provides legal support to the project's target groups in addition to providing a child-friendly space and following-up on cases of gender-based violence within the beneficiary category.
In addition to the above project, the network of legal clinics also implements five other projects, with the support of the DRL organization and within the program of access to justice and in several governorates in central and southern Iraq and the liberated areas of ISIS: (the project of engaging the vulnerable youth and women in stabilizing Iraq in partnership with the organization Prosperity makers, the juvenile justice project in partnership with the Swiss Land of Humans organization, the project for legal aid for the disabled, the project for compensation for property damage caused by war and terrorist operations, and the project for the training of notaries for human rights issues).