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Extending the application deadline to February 10, 2021 || Program Coordinator (CP/SGBV) - international staff, Arabic speaker

Program Coordinator (CP/SGBV) - international staff, Arabic speaker



The Legal Clinic Network (“LCN”) is an Iraqi NGO supporting legal aid service delivery, awareness raising, and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable Iraqis. LCN is an umbrella organization of 31 registered Iraqi civil society organizations (CSOs) that provide direct legal aid, psychosocial support, case management, child protection nationwide through static legal clinics and mobile legal teams providing support to IDPs, Returnees, Refugees, Asylum Seeker and people with specific needs. LCN members also provide awareness workshops on legal protection issues, specifically focusing on civil documentation and family law, as well as housing, land and property, and improves women knowledge about services information and increased their access to rights and services

Program Coordinator (CP/SGBV) SCOPE OF WORK

The Program Coordinator is a staff with extensive experience in SGBV/CP case management who will have oversight over all LCN’s CP/SGBV case management activities, and who will provide internal technical support to implement all necessary actions needed to enhance LCN’s case management systems. She/he will be the main interlocutor for UNHCR protection staff.

She/he will be fully dedicated to setting up LCN’s CP/SGBV case management services, in line with global case management standards and country-level inter-agency CP/SGBV SOPs. The Program Coordinator will review LCN’s case management services throughout the entire project implementation period and consider recommendations from UNHCR and TGH, making adjustments and taking actions as required in order to ensure that LCN’s case management services are appropriate, relevant and in line with case management standards. She/he will also work to enhance prevention services by supporting the planning and implementation of SGBV and CP-related awareness raising activities.

Some of the key activities to be supported be the Program Coordinator are as follows:


  • Ensure all caseworkers are trained on CP and SGBV case management
  • Ensure all case management supervisors are trained on SGBV and CP case management supervision
  • Ensure caseworkers and case management supervisors have TORs that are in line with global SGBV and CP case management standards, and that they are adhered to
  • Map all camps and out-of-camps areas of intervention as well as the safe spaces (run by LCN or other actors) to be used for individual interviews in the respective locations
  • Ensure case management tools and information management systems (including GBVIMS) are in place and are adequately used throughout all steps of case management
  • Maintain up to date referral pathways for all areas of intervention
  • Support and coordinate awareness raising activities on CP/SGBV


The Program Coordinator will build LCN’s skills in CP/SGBV and more particularly case management, through system strengthening (internal SOPs), full training package for NGO management and field staff involved in social work (covering a vast array of CP/SGBV topics, such as SGBV core concepts, case management, Global Protection Cluster prevention and response guidelines for CP/SGBV direct services and referrals information and forms management, interviewing techniques, PSS, community-based approach, GBV IMS, CPIMS, etc.), as well as mentoring for 25 staff comprising caseworkers and case management supervisors. 

From the targeted LCN staff to be mentored, 16 will be based and operational in Baghdad and Diyala, while 9 are implementing roving interventions among Kerbala, Najaf, Babylon, Wassit (based in Najaf) and Basrah, Missan, Thi-Qar, Qadissiya, Muthanna (based in Basrah) governorates. 

The Program Coordinator will provide technical guidance to case management teams, and facilitate trainings for them as per the identified needs. The Program Coordinator will support LCN to undertake a throughout internal review to convert the current horizontal staffing structure, which works to implement legal activities (network system of lawyers), into an structure that can adequately accommodate the provision of up-to-standard CP/SGBV case management services. There is a need for a hierarchical system will to ensure accountability in case management. The Program Coordinator will also ensure case management staffing structures are well-understood and that TORs are in place and adhered to, in line with the different staff’s responsibilities in the provision of case management services. She/he will also ensure that LCN’s case management staff engage meaningfully in capacity development activities such as on-the-job coaching and trainings provided by external actors. 

The Program Coordinator will be designated as focal point to attend relevant CP and GBV coordination meetings, share CP and SGBV updates and seek support from relevant actors including governmental institutions. He/She will be responsible for data management and revise the current system in place. He/She will closely coordinate with the LCN’s information management focal point to share CP and SGBV data with GBV IMS, Activity Info and UNHCR for reporting purposes. The Program Coordinator will also establish a network of coordination with other CP and SGBV actors (civil society organizations and partners) as well as advocacy and coordination with government service providers. The Program Coordinator will provide guidance to the CBP Community Based Protection Manager when needed.

To those who find themselves competent and have the ability to occupy this position, send the CV to the human resources department in the legal clinics network at the following email


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